Colour Selector common Paper Colours

To the right is a list of the most common paper colours.

Colours with a * are too brilliant to be reproduced on a computer display.

<== Select the sort order
  • Clicking on any colour in the list will cause the list to be re-sorted according to colours closest to the selected colour.Once you have selected a colour.
  • Click and drag the mouse pointer over either the colour name or the hex code to select it, then use:
    •   Ctrl-C  - to copy the selected text to the clipboard
    •   Ctrl-V  - to paste the text from the clipboard to any other application or control

 WARNING:  These colour samples are meant to be only an approximation of the relative hue and lightness of the papers. Depending on the colour capabilities of your display and your computer's colour profile they may or may not be accurate representations of the actual look of the paper. Recycled, specked, or textured papers have been approximated to average hue.